How to use Tasker:


Tasker is a simple yet powerful task manager for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Tasker organizes each task using two core elements: its date and its place.

Creating Tasks

You can create new tasks from any screen within the app by using the plus button at the top right. Click here to learn more about creating tasks.

Completing Tasks

Press the check-box next to any task to mark it as complete. It will be moved to the completed section at the the bottom of the list. To clear the completed tasks from the list press the "archive" button at the top of the completed tasks section. This will move the tasks to the archive.

Editing and Deleting Tasks

To edit any task simply tap on the text of the task. Its edit screen will appear. To delete a task swipe across the task or press the edit button at the top left of the task list and use the delete buttons.

Using the Tab Bar

Tasker organizes your tasks into the two core elements of "When" and "Where" with its "Dates" and "Places" views. Each of these can be seen by pressing the tabs along the bottom of the screen. The "Dates" view lets you see all tasks with a scheduled date. Click here to learn more about dates.The "Places" view lets you see all your tasks that have a location on a map. Click here to learn more about places.

Creating New Tasks

Tasker lets you create new tasks quickly and easily helping you get things out of your head and into your hands so you can focus.

Lots of Tasks Fast

If you're anything like us, when you think of one thing to do you're really thinking of ten. Tasker makes it easy to dump lots of tasks out of your brain fast. Any time you're creating a new task you can add another immediately using the "Next" button at the bottom right of the keyboard. When you're finished adding tasks just press the "Done" button at the top right of the screen.

Edit a Task's Place

You can easily set the position of a task using the 'place' button (the map and pin icon) From here you can set a task to an already existing place or create a new place and drag the pin to exactly where you want it. Click here to learn more about Places.

Edit a Task's Date

You can easily set dates for a task using the 'date' button (the calendar icon). From here you can set the start date, due date and if you'd like the task to repeat. Click here to learn more about Dates.


Click on the tweet button (the chat bubbles icon in the bottom left) to mark the task to tweet. When the task is checked off Tasker will post a message to your twitter account letting your friends know what you've just finished.

Working with Dates

You can see all your tasks that have assigned dates using the "Dates" tab at the bottom of the screen. At the top of the Dates view you can select the "Today" or "Upcoming" section.


The today section shows all uncompleted tasks due or starting today as well as in the past. You can use this screen to easily see what's on your plate and plan out your day.


The upcoming view shows all your tasks that are scheduled in the future. If a date has both a start and due date the upcoming view will sort that task according to its earliest date.

The Badge

If you have any tasks scheduled for today the dates tab along the bottom will have a small red badge. This badge shows how many uncompleted tasks you have left today. You can make this badge also show on the Tasker icon in your home screen by enabling it in the settings page.

Bold Tasks

Tasks that are scheduled for today will display in bold in any list. You can also easily set many tasks to start today by pressing the "edit" button at the top left of your "All Tasks" view. When in edit mode you can tap on the text of any task to toggle its starting date to today.

Working with Places

You can see all your tasks that have a place assigned using the "Places" tab at the bottom of the screen. All tasks that haven't yet been archived will be visible on the map. At the top of the Places view you can tap "previous" or "next" to easily navigate through all the tasks on the map from right to left.

Viewing the Tasks

When browsing on the map each place will display as a pin in the map. If you'd like to see more details about that place, including all it's tasks, tap the blue arrow at the right of the place's label (bring up the label by tapping on the pin). From this screen you can get direction to that place, change its label, add new tasks and check off tasks.

Setting a Place

You can create tasks with places in a few different ways:

Creating a Task While in a Place or From the Map.

If you're viewing a place's task list tapping the plus button in the top right will create a new task with its place already set. If you're in the map view pressing the plus button will either create another task in a place that is near the center of the view or drop a new pin directly in the center if there is no pin already there.

Edit a Task's Place

When you press the 'place' button from within a task (the map and pin icon) you are taken to a screen where you can choose the location of a task. The pins of all existing places are visible on the map. You can set your task to an existing place by tapping on any of these pins. A label for that pin will pop up and at the right there will be a circle. Tap this circle and it will change to a blue and white target icon to indicate that that place is now selected. If you'd like to create a new place for a task you can press the 'drop pin' button at the bottom of the screen. Pressing this will drop a purple pin that you will be able to move to your desired location by dragging.

Using Movable (Purple) Pins

A purple pin indicates that that pin is movable. You're task will show this pin in its place editing screen if you've used the 'drop pin' button or if there is only one task in that place. To move a purple pin to a new location place your finger directly on the pin and wait for it to pull out of the map and hover above your finger. Once the pin is pulled out you can drag your finger to position the pin exactly where you want it on the map.