Simple, powerful tasks done right

Tasker is a simple yet powerful todo and task organizer for the iPhone and iPod touch. Other task managers have very few features or are complicated and confusing to use. With Tasker we’ve created an intuitive, thought-out interface with all the features you need exactly where you need them.

Organized by places and dates

The heart of Tasker’s usability comes from organizing your tasks into the two core elements of anything that you need to get done: Dates and Places.

Less tapping, more doing

If you’re anything like us, when you think of one thing to do you can think of ten. Create lots of tasks very quickly by tapping the 'next' button after each. You'll immediately be taken to another new-task screen.

Complete your tasks with sounds and animations.

As you check off a task the list animates and plays a sound to celebrate your accomplishment..

View your tasks sorted by date.

Tasker’s 'Dates' view lets you see all your tasks arranged according to their dates in two clean, intuitive lists: 'Today' and 'Upcoming.'

See what's on your plate today.

Set 'Start' and 'Due' dates for your Tasks. They'll only appear in your “Today” view when they’re ready to be worked on.

Set repeating tasks easily

Tasker supports repeating tasks; a must have for any digital task manager. Set your “Get a haircut” task to repeat 4 weeks after it’s been completed and set your “Go to the gym” task to repeat every 3 days.

Plan your day with a tap.

Easily set lots of tasks to start today by going into Edit mode in the 'All Tasks' list. Tap on each task you want to start today and its date will be set.

Instantly see all you want to do laid out on a map.

Tasker’s 'Places' view lets you see your tasks as pins on a map so you can easily figure out which errands are nearby and where you need to go today.

Tap through all the pins on the map.

Quickly navigate through all your todos on the map using the 'previous' and 'next' buttons.

Lots of tasks in one place

Label a pin and easily create multiple tasks in that place. Do you have ten groceries you need to get at the shop? See them all by tapping on the grocery store’s pin and check them off as you find each item.

The perfect travel companion

Are you a traveler? Do you daydream of all the places you'd like to go? Planing a trip is fun and easy with Tasker. Just mark each site, restaurant, or museum you'd like to visit and check it off as you explore your world.

Tweet your finished to-dos.

Simply tap the twitter icon in a task and its text will be posted to your twitter account when you check it off. This lets you easily keep your family or friends informed of what you’re getting done today.

Keep lots of people in the loop.

Sometimes when you get something done you want to tell the world. The first line of the twitter home page asks "What are you doing?" Tasker lets you tell your followers just that from the exact same place you're doing it: your todo list.